Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SkyZone Fun

I was able tag along to a church activity the other day and take Captain to SkyZone. It's such a fun place to take a child that never seems to run out of energy! 

He had such a blast. I mean seriously who wouldn't! It's a building full of trampolines, basketball with trampolines, and dodge ball with trampolines. I mean seriously did you read trampolines.

We don't have one at home, to be honest I have family that are nurses and have worked in ER. Listening to them turned me completely off having a trampoline in our yard!

However, SkyZone we loved for an hour of crazy jumping! I wasn't told to write this and I haven't received any compensation - we payed for our tickets :) BUT if you ever get the chance to go to one with a child who seems to have undying energy it will be fun.

Please excuse my blurry pictures. Remember where it was taken and who I was with - A child with energy and a trampoline.

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