Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blogging through the Alphabet - H is for House Hunting

Hubby and I recently drove ten hours to house hunt. It's not the first time we have looked for a new house. However, it's the first time we did on a deadline. We had a week...yes a week in a new city ten hours away from everything and everyone we love to find a house.

It's a strange thing when you have a deadline, it makes even regularly stressful things more stressful.

To make things worse the housing market in the area we are moving too is rocking...well I say that to mean that it was definitely a sellers market. Houses are selling within days if not hours of a house being listed. Believe me it's frustrating when you know that the houses you are looking at a week before you can go and look will more than likely be sold by the time you can get there to look. That's what happened to us. The day we were there to look all but 2 of the houses we had scheduled to see were sold!!! It was crazy.

Then we had a huge blessing. I'm not going into details now but it's enough to say right now that we left earlier than we had initially planned with a house and completed inspections and valuations!!!

We have a house - in a crazy market - at the right price - with the right number of bedrooms - AND WE LOVE IT!!!

Even with 'a little snow' which turned out to be 6-8 inches we got things done!

This makes the upheaval of moving and leaving all we love a LITTLE easier.

Keep tuned to learn more about this move...

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  1. Woot woot on finding a house, and a blessing besides...totally cool.

  2. Good luck with the house and the move!

  3. So glad you found the right house in a timely manner. Moving is no fun. It's a good time to purge the house of stuff!

  4. What an exciting, yet stressful trip that must have been! So thankful you found what you were looking for when you needed it! What a blessing!

  5. It is amazing when God has things fall into place. A wonderful happening for you. So thankful that the move is happening and that the "where to" is settled. On to the packing! - Lori

  6. Glad you found a house. It can be so stressful moving without having a home in place. When we relocated, we stayed in a vacation rental for 5 weeks before we could move into our new house.


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