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YWAM Publishing - George Washington True Patriot - Heroes of History {TOS REVIEW}

YWAM Publishing
My favorite way to teach history to my children history. One of my favorite series is Heroes of History from YWAM Publishing we have read quite a few of them and Captain was thrilled to be sent Heroes of History - George Washington - True Patriot. Boo reviewed them in the past and so Captain was thrilled to have this opportunity. The book itself is suggested to be for ages 10+ but because Captain reads at such a high level it was perfect for him. The only time I noticed that he age was a problem is when we were completing some of the study guide portions. So I am sure we will work through this again in 2 or 3 years and complete more of the essay style questions.

If you have never heard of YWAM Publishing - Heroes Collection you are in for a real treat with this latest review! There are so many different kinds of hero books available and the crew reviewed a huge selection of the books available so make sure to check out all the other reviews by clicking on the link at the end of this post!

The collections are as follows;

Christian Heroes - Then and Now
Heroes of History
Heroes for Young Readers
Heroes of History for Young Readers
Unit Studies and Downloadable Unit Studies

We received the downloadable Unit Study for George Washington.

I have a huge binder where I keep all of unit studies that I have printed out. I find it easier to work through the questions for each chapter and any extra work if I just go ahead and print it all out ahead of time.

Captain was so excited when his book came in the mail and started reading immediately. He was a little confused at first because he expected the book to start with George Washington as a baby. The first chapter starts with George Washington as an adult getting his first glimpse of the British Soldiers through his eyeglass. Of course it quickly went back in time and talked about George Washington's childhood, so all was well. In fact Captain liken it to watching a movie where you see a glimpse of the ending before jumping back in time. In the second chapter George is six years old and waiting for his half brother Lawrence to arrive home from England - although he had never met him before as they had been studying in England. George's Father and 2 older step brothers all attended Appleby School and George had also been planning on going. Unfortunately his father died when he was 11 and so these plans changed.

Captain found the life story of George Washington very captivating. It's an ideal 'hero' story for a young adventurous boy which made it perfect for him as he loves adventure!

This unit study came as I mentioned earlier with a printable unit study. It's about 64 pages long so not that bad to print. One of my favorite parts of each of the unit studies we have worked on over the last couple of years is the section of key quotes. They are always inspiring. However, I must admit George Washington has a few of my favorites!

There are so many suggested activities in the study guide. We used each of the chapter questions in a verbal discussion this time because Captain is only 8 and a lot younger than the suggested age. He had no problem understanding the material but I didn't feel the need to make him write loads and loads right now. He did a great job answering the questions verbally though. There are four questions for each chapter and they recommend the student answers them using complete sentences. Each question serves a different purpose.

1. A vocabulary question directly from the text and particular page.
2. A factual question arising from the text.
3. A question to gauge the level of the students comprehension
4. An open-ended question seeking an opinion or interpretation.

I asked Captain these questions after he read each chapter. Sometimes we worked on more than one set a day as I wanted to complete them as soon as he read the chapter since he is so young. We did more than one set when he wanted to read on to find out what happened in the next chapter. I only required one chapter at a time - but he loves to read.

The unit study curriculum guide itself is a great way to go deeper into the topic. It also can help you include the following aspects into the unit study;

  • creative writing
  • drama
  • movie critiquing
  • reading comprehension
  • essay writing
  • history and geography concepts
We have loved each of the books we have received from YWAM publishing and hope to use a lot more of the titles in the future. Make sure to check out the link below to read more of the reviews! You can also check out the company on social media by clicking on the following links;

Facebook Twitter Pinterest and their Blog.
Christian & History Heroes {YWAM Publishing Reviews}

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