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Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series - {TOS Review}

Adventures of Rush Revere
Reading and History are two of my kids favorite things (I nearly broke into the Sound of Music sound track then). Captain reads at a really high level and it can be hard to find suitable books for him to read that are at his level. So when we were offered the chance to review the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh I was very excited and so was Captain. When they arrived I was completely sold. I love books that are well put together and these ones definitely didn't disappoint. They came tied together with a cute blue ribbon, and looked so nice it took me a few minutes to untie it!
I love it when I can double up school subjects. Books that teach history as well as help practicing reading skills and improving comprehension. These books were written to help teach American History. 
This book series was written by Rush Limbaugh the host of The Real Limbaugh Show! He's a self proclaimed fan of Paul Revere which is why his friends call him Rush Revere, the name of the time travelling character in his books. He has two students and his trusty talking horse 'Liberty' along for the ride. What would you do if you could talk to any person from history? Well this book series answers some of the questions you might have. The Pilgrims are asked why they left, what they ate, if they got sea sick and many more questions.
Book One - Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims
When learning about American History the natural place to start is England. In fact a lot of the Pilgrim early history happens not far from my husband's family home. We have ancestors that are Brewster's and so the kids love to think we are related to the 'Brewsters' in the history books. This book includes an artist rendering of William Brewster which Captain thought was really cool! My older two have been on a replica of the 'Mayflower' and Captain is hoping to make this book come alive when we visit Boston next year. He is also hoping to go on the replica of the Mayflower and see Plymouth rock! 
Rush Revere is a history teacher that travels back and forth in time. He would be a great person to have walk in to your classroom as a sub. These books remind me a little of a magic school bus type book. The kids become very involved that of course they end up loving history. In this book you travel on the Mayflower and sit down for dinner at the very first Thanksgiving - how cool is that!
Book Two - Rush Revere and the First Patriots 
Of course this book still involves English history as well. So much of American history sits hand in hand with English history. Of course when I was learning history in school in England it's told slightly differently. Which I think is always the case there are two sides to every story. I love Boston, we have family there and so have visited a few times. It's amazing how much history is found there. This book is set in colonial Boston in 1765 and is all about the events leading up to America claiming independence from England and the outrageous taxes of King George III. This book allows you to meet some of the most famous people of the time Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and of course Paul Revere (we visited his house in Boston last time we were there - it's really interesting).
Book Three - Paul Revere and the American Revolution
This book jumps to 1775 and literally into the trenches with the soldiers as they fight off the British and claim complete independence. It's quite the story. What I love about historical fictions like these is the weaving of the real historical facts with a twist of a made up story. With the addition of Rush Revere and his side kick the talking horse there is enough new adventure to make the book new even if you know the history. This allows the history to be reviewed with vigor!
Book Four - Rush Revere and the Star Spangled Banner
The time period this book is set in speaks for itself 1787. This book is full of mishap and adventure. There is a crazy security incident in Washington D.C, chases through Philadelphia all happening among the secret meetings that enabled the Constitution to come to be. This book gives a lot of information about how the States were organized. I actually found some of the discussion about how the voting was organized very interesting and it led to some great discussions.
Book Five - Rush Revere and the Presidency
This book links events in the modern time life of 'Rush Revere' and the kids at Manchester Middle School and the first Presidents of the United States. I know you are always more interested in learning about a topic when it is related to a current experience. This book explains in detail about the road to becoming the U.S President. I love George Washington. If I could really travel back in time, he would be one person I would love to have a chat with. It's amazing how he was able to start this amazing country and then be willing to turn the running of it over to someone else! There is so many interesting details in this book it's hard to believe that you can learn so much while 'appearing' to read 'just for fun'.
I never told Captain that these were 'history' books. I wanted him to just read them so I could see how he reacted to the books without thinking of them as school books. For some reason when I call something a 'school book' the desire to read it drops dramatically. It really worked with these books. When they arrived I told him that it was a special series just for him. He was won over by the look of the books and the details on every page. He loved that the pages looked like parchment and not just a 'plain boring old white color'. The pictures, drawings, and maps included throughout the books are amazing too.
We really loved these books. Captain read them by himself, but I think I will re-read them with him to help focus a little more on the history and have more discussions with him. I know my older kids have picked them up too and so I am sure they will read them soon enough.
These books will have a home on my book shelf forever -  we love them.
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