Thursday, June 22, 2017

Affordable Online Math - CTC {REVIEW}

We love CTC Math! We have reviewed it here many times before. It's the only math program that my oldest truly loves!

Here's a quick video explaining how CTC works!

When we started homeschooling math used to bring a lot of tears. We tried to continue with the program that the kids used in school, but it really didn't work for us. So we started looking for alternatives. We found a book math program which we really like but I wanted to find a supplement. We came across CTC and Jam fell in love straight away. Seriously, something clicked with him and math just started to make sense.

The program starts with kindergarten and continues with grade levels up to 6th grade. After 6th grade it continues with topics and covers math all the way up to Calculus.

Each lesson starts with a video that gives instruction on the topic being covered.

Here's an example of how the lesson videos work for younger aged kids. In fact this is a snip from a grade 1 video.

I have all three children using this program currently. Each one can use it at their own pace. They can move as fast or as slow as they need too. In their own grade with their own login. The program remembers where they are in the course and will give them a percentage at the end of the lesson. Plus there is additional practice questions available for each lesson. Plus they can be repeated until the child understands the topic enough to get a passing grade. Of course the teacher has control over what the passing grade is. I have mine set at 90% for all of my kids, no matter the topic. I figured if they could pass an assignment with 90% they will definitely understand the concept.

I can add and delete any sections and create assignments if I choose too. I actually want my kids to complete the whole program. Well the two older ones started at grade level a few years ago. Captain however, has been doing since the beginning of kindergarten. My goal is for him to complete the whole program start to finish!! How cool would that be. You can look back on when each child has logged in. So it's easy to make sure your kids are working on it when assigned. Plus when they complete a section/topic they receive a certificate based on their level of completion from platinum to bronze.

As for record keeping you can download or email detailed reports for each grade completed. This is an excellent way to keep a record of your child's progress. If detailed reports are too much there are summary reports available too. There are diagnostic tests for each unit. This is particularly handy if you want to find weak spots in your child math skills. If your child passes the test you can move them on to the next subject until you find an area in which you need to focus. One handy feature in the history section is called 'quick finish' this is when your child may have become distracted or felt that they didn't need to finish a section for any reason, this could even be that they start a subject and then decide they already understand it enough and complete the diagnostic test instead. If they want to come back and finish the section in the future the program remembers what they child has done - yes down to the very questions. Then allows them to finish the missed questions quickly to get credit for the section.

As you can tell we LOVE this program. Since we love it so much I wanted to share a special offer with you! All my readers can get 60% off the regular price of this program! There is a single student price or a multiple student price. You can pay monthly or yearly - the choice is yours! However, if you sign up for a year through my link at the already discounted price - you will also received 3 MONTHS FREE - How awesome is that!!!

So if you want to try it out click here to see how great their deal is. You can also call or email them with any questions you might have!!!

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