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K5 Learning - Online Learning {TOS REVIEW}

K5 Learning
Since I work from home a couple of hours a day. I love having a few online programs up my sleeve for Captain to work on. For the last couple of months he's been using the online program from K5 Learning to supplement our regular math and English programs.

K5 Learning is designed for grades kindergarten to fifth. It seems a pretty good balance between work and play. Captain actually really enjoys it and completes a couple of lessons most days without being reminded.  The program is very easy to use in fact after the initial signing up and logging in on his computer he does this completely on his own. This gives him a sense of ownership. What he doesn't know if that I can check on his progress in the parent/teacher section with my own log in really easily.

The first thing we did after signing up was set Captain up with the placement tests. They are not very long and help place the child in the correct level. Although Captain is actually the age of most children leaving 2nd grade this year, he works at a higher grade level. When I entered his grade in the testing section I entered that he was in 3rd as I wanted to get a good glimpse at his ability.

Captain tested out of most of the topics in his grade level and so started the exercises for about a middle of the year fourth grader. All went well except he had a problem with two things. One was one of the English subjects. I was confused as it had placed him at the end of third grade level, and yet his reading is years beyond that. So I wrote a quick email to the company questioning this placing. They replied within minutes saying that the reason he was placed there was because it was the highest level of that particular section. Since he was finding it so easy we removed it from his dashboard. Captain hates it when he finds things too easy so I knew this was the best option for him. The other thing we had a slight problem with was the speed of the math questions. Although Captain has the ability to do the 4th grade math he was assigned he got a little frustrated with the speed the answers had to be entered into the computer. So again I sent a quick email to K5 and once again they answered almost immediately. I had asked if the time to answer could be increased and unfortunately they said this couldn't be done. However they recommended moving his math placement down slightly. BOOM! Just like that Captain was happy again. The questions were slightly easier and so allowing him to enter the answers in time. Plus since then he is now working up at the level he was first placed - and he doesn't even realize it! His speed at entering the answers has increased slowly in a way that was beneficial to him. So although both of these could be looked at as a negative at first they really aren't the customer service was excellent and we managed to adjust the program perfectly to fit our needs.

They also offer a free trial and free assessments here.

K5 Learning

Every time your child logs in they are greeted with a friendly hello sign with their name.

They can then click on one of the pictures to either work on reading and math or spelling.

Captains favorite thing was the riddle that shows up every time they go to the main page or log in. Sometimes he would do this multiple times just to read it. The question shows up first and then when you click on it and it gives you the question again with the answer underneath.

There is also the benefit of printable worksheets. I know that I like Captain to do some actual true blue write it down in a notebook math, rather than just clicking buttons on a computer sometimes. It's also perfect for those odd days when you are road schooling or running out to a doctors office!

The worksheets are also linked and relevant to what the student is studying. Captain doesn't mind doing them, although we haven't done them every week as he has another written math course and well it's summer so there is only so much math I can get him to complete willingly!

You can learn even more about them on-


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