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Spanish for You - Review

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Ever since I started to Home School two years ago. I have wanted to learn Spanish with my children (notice I said 'learn with' and not 'teach' - that will give you an idea of my ability.) However it has been something that completely overwhelmed me. When I got the chance to review Spanish for You  I jumped at the chance. For the first time learning Spanish seems like an obtainable goal.

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We have been using the Fiestas package. Click here to see samples page for this unit.

The author of this program Debbie Annett has been teaching Spanish for 14 years. She gives her reasons for writing this program on her About the Author page.

  • A need for easy flow from elementary/middle school Spanish into any high school curriculum.
  • A need for an easy to schedule program that accomplishes much learning over time without being overly burdensome.  
  • A need for an effective curriculum that would allow families or schools to use the same book with all their students during the same school year.  This saves time and money!
  • A need for affordability and ease of use - Materials do not need to be fancy, complicated, and expensive in order to learn.  Simple, well presented and designed lessons that engage students is what ensures solid learning.
  • A need for audio - so many curriculums provide some audio, but many times I have heard parents and students say that they wish they could hear ALL the material in their book. 
  • A need to be able to place students new to a program with their grade level whether they have prior Spanish learning or not.  When Spanish is taught in a classroom setting, there is always the question of how to place new students without prior Spanish learning.
This Spanish program is SO easy to use. It is suitable for children in grades 3-8 but even my four year old learned some new words. He prides himself that he can count to 10 and getting him to count in English can be a problem...because well he prefers the Spanish.

Yes he is dressed as a knight - he's four need I say more.

We received this program as a download except for the lesson book and have been using the program designed for grades 5-6. Jam is 12 and Boo is 10 and this program fitted us perfectly. The kids loved that they could sing 'Feliz cumpleaƱos' to their Grandfather (who can speak a little Spanish) on his birthday.

The first thing I did was to print out two copies of the worksheets we would be using and put them in the little plastic folders with tabs. I made one of these for each child.

Then I printed out a set of the lesson guides. Since we worked together on our Spanish I only printed one set of these.

My children liked the audio files and I did too. It made a huge difference to our ability to learn the correct pronunciation. My children are learning Latin and so the concept of conjugating verbs was not new to them. I think that is why my 10 year old was able to keep up doing the higher grade work.

We have often tried to use our new vocabulary at dinner especially since one of our new Spanish words is 'como' meaning 'I eat' or 'comes' meaning 'you eat'.

We have learned that Fiestas in Spain are very similar to parties in America, there is a lot of music, games, food, and cakes etc.

We made flashcards and the kids loved racing to see would could say the correct word first. So for example if I showed them the Spanish word they would try to be the first to say the English word or vice versa. There are also ideas for games and other activity using the new vocabulary.

They found the worksheets challenging but fun. They especially loved drawing.

Each unit consists of...

  • Spanish for you! soft cover book or E-book (trial pkgs.)
  • Plus the following downloads:
  • Audio download (MP3) of the entire book. You use these as the lesson guide instructs.
  • A free bonus audio of the entire book recorded by a native speaker from Mexico. (MP3)
  • 24-30 Week Lesson Guide (PDF) - The student (and parent if needed) follows this guide step-by-step to know what to do, at whatever pace works for you.
  • Self-checking worksheets (PDF) - You just print these as you need them. The lesson guide will tell you what you need to print and when.
  • Free set of pictures for making flashcards and other activity materials. (PDF)
  • *Teacher lesson plans are NOT included. These need to be purchased separately.

  • You can purchase for all grades 3-8 for $64.95 or for the separate age groups grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 for $39.95 each click here to see all the choices available.
    Extra lesson books are $12.95 (you use the same one for each grade) and the optional Teacher Lesson Plans (needed only if you are using the program in a classroom setting) are $12.95.

    Check out Spanish For You! on Facebook.

    We are loving this curriculum and will definitely continue learning Spanish using our Fiestas book.

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    You can also click on the link below to see other reviews about this amazing Spanish curriculum.


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