Friday, October 31, 2014

Manic Drive VIP - Review and Giveaway

I was recently sent a copy of the CD Manic Drive VIP. We received this CD from Flyby promotions and my kids were excited - new music is always a hit here. This CD was released on October 14 and the band is very popular in Canada. When I was younger I lived in England and one of my favorite things was to listen to the Top 20 on a Sunday evening. I haven't given 'Top Twenties' a thought in years but it is a fun statistic. Manic Drive have been in the Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR and Christian Rock Radio.

It is nice to listen to a CD that has fun dancy beats without trashy lyrics. That is what you will find on this CD. My kids liked it - especially Captain America - he seems to be our resident music expert. He likes to listen to music while he completes his eye program on the computer, and this one made the cut.
I found the lyrics a little simple, but there were no complaints from the youngest one here. The music is very good though and most of the songs have a catchy rhythm.

There are ten tracks on the CD.

1. Electric (Featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
2. VIP (Featuring Manwell)
3. Street Lights
4. King of Mercy
5. Good News
6. I Hide You Seek
7. Song to Sing
8. Fire
9. Indestructible
10. Rhythm

Manic Drive has been widely known as a Canadian band who always delivers a great show, but over the past few years and project releases, they have added to their extensive touring of Canadian and US markets multiple Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR & Christian Rock Radio. Manic Drive is clearly very intentional about reaching their generation and inspiring them to pursue a deeper walk with Christ and to get involved in changing the world they are inheriting. And they are uniquely equipped to do so. The band members, all in their early-mid twenties, have made sacrifices to pursue God’s call on their lives. Their life experience, spiritual maturity and ministry have opened doors to speak into the lives of their own generation and that is perhaps the most defining characteristic of this group of guys.

I am able to offer you a chance to win a copy of the CD. Just complete the form!

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  1. I don't listen to music very much. When I do, it's Music Machine or something else kid themed.

  2. From the new Manic Drive? Electric.

    Ever? I have too many. It depends on my mood.

  3. I don't know my favorite. But I'm willing to listen and decide:0


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