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David Nicholson - If He Had Not Come {TOS - REVIEW}

Christmas Book Review

I know it hasn't been Thanksgiving yet, and if you are like me you still have pumpkins on your front porch but it is the perfect time to prepare for Christmas reading times! I was given the opportunity to read and review a cute Christmas book from David Nicholson and the book If He Had Not Come.

My kids love books and the minute this one came through the door Jam and Captain America grabbed it. Luckily my older kids like to read as much as my youngest likes to listen. In fact Jam used Captain America for his reading merit badge for Scouts. Jam had to read to a child for hours so any new books coming into the house were greeted with excitement from both of them.

This book is a really great Christmas story. I don't know about you, but every year I say this year will be different. We are going to focus more on the Savior and less on presents. We have similar plans this year and I think we may pull it off this year! Reading books like this to remind us of how much the Savior has done for us and how different the world would be without his influence.

The story starts with a young boy reading scriptures with his Dad on Christmas Eve. His Father reads John 15:22. Bobby focused on the words "If I had not come". Bobby then has a dream, like in The Christmas Carol where he sees what the world would be like if he hadn't come. There is no Christmas, no holiday decorations, no love and kindness. Bobby wakes up from his bad dream with a stronger resolution to remember the Savior and finds joy in the Christmas present that the world received when little baby Jesus was born into the world.

This is a very cute book, the illustrations are excellent and my kids enjoyed it. The kids will definitely enjoy reading this one again throughout the Christmas season.

As a bonus at the back of the book there is a section of teaching ideas. Every Monday we have a family night where we discuss different topics together. Some of the ideas at the back of the book will be perfect for this.

I know that we could all do with thinking what our life would be like without the knowledge of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us.

As I child I remember loving the glistening lights of Christmas, but what if we didn't have them. Would we be able to still feel the Christmas spirit. What would we do if everything we 'think' is Christmas disappeared. What if we had no money, or job, or a place to call home. Where would we turn for peace.

It's so important as we prepare for this special season to remember what would our life be like 'If He had Not Come'.

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This book is suitable for all ages. The hard copy book I received costs $18.95.

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