Sunday, November 23, 2014

I can Read - Adventure Bible - God's Great Creation - Review

We have been homeschooling for about three years. When my older two children learned to read they were in public school and so I helped but never had to teach them all by myself. Captain America however has been all me, having never gone to public school at all (in fact this year would have seen him in Kindergarten) the buck stops here, so to speak.

I have been collecting level one and two readers. So when I was offered a copy of I Can Read - God's Great Creation. Although this book is a level two, Captain America did an excellent job reading it. I only had to assist him with the hard words.

This books tells the story of the creation. It goes through all the days of creation and ends up with Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit and being cast out from the Garden of Eden.

Captain America really enjoyed the story, it's told in quite simplistic vocabulary, which is suitable for level 2. There are a couple of parts in the story that don't quite fit in with my King James bible translation, but that was easy enough to discuss.

All in all Captain America liked it and gave it two thumbs up!


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