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IXL Learning {TOS - REVIEW}

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This is my second year on the crew. Last year I didn't apply for the IXL review. When I read all the awesome reviews I was a little jealous. So when I had a chance to apply for it again this year I was super excited. I was given access to the IXL Math and IXL Language Arts program for a year.

The main reason I was put off from signing up to try the program last year is because I thought it was a full math curriculum. I realized while reading the reviews that this wasn't the case. This program is designed to help your child review and practice using skills they have previously learned.

Pricing for family memberships starts at just $9.95/month or $79/year for one subject. Each additional child costs $2/month or $20/year. For more information or to purchase a family membership, Click here, and select your preferred membership option to view more pricing details.

After logging into the program and choosing a username and password I signed each child up for their own account. They were able to choose their own picture for the avatar and a secret word that they used to log in. They loved this, in fact Captain America chose his own 'secret' word - however I insisted that his secret word couldn't be a secret from me 'just in case'.

As I mentioned earlier we were given access for math and language skills. However in grades preK - 1st math is the only option. Language skills doesn't start until grade 2 and goes to 8th grade.

Captain America was my main user. I set him up on the Kindergarten program as we are currently doing 1st grade math together. I work for a few hours in the morning and my goal was to have him use some of this time to work on reviewing the math skills we had already worked on.

He was doing a great job, until Boo accidentally swapped him on to PreK and he suddenly started saying he was really bored. After I sat down with him and look at what he was doing. I noticed the problem straight away and clicked him back over to the Kindergarten section - he was happy again! I don't think it will take him long to finish all the topics Kindergarten. I like that you can swap around the levels and move up and down if needed. Captain America can click on each subject (as you can see below) very easily. The only draw back to this is sometimes he skips all over the place. However, this doesn't really worry me too much, since it's a review program anyway.

Captain America loved that the program would run on his Nexus 7. Although he has his own laptop I don't let him take it down from his docking station, so playing this on his pad gave him the freedom to lounge around on the floor in the sun like a cat. Does anyone else's kids do that - or is it just mine. Using the pad also makes it easier for Captain America to log in. When you open the app it links straight to the secret word sign in page.

We have an android tablet and the Language Arts section is unavailable and the math section only goes up to 8th grade. Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus say 'coming soon'. 

When you sign in as a parent you can see at a glace what areas have been completed. If you see the picture below the areas that are darker are the one that Captain America has completed, the lighter ones are areas that he hasn't worked on yet.

There is also a section where you can go to each child's account and look at various reports.

Jam and Boo have both played around on the program. Boo's work schedule gives her a little more free time and she is using both the language arts and the math program. She doesn't like getting things wrong and is really competitive so this type of program works well for her. However as you are coming to the end of a level you go into 'challenge mode' and if you get one wrong it really affects your points. She hates that and so really tries hard. Although this program's main goal is review. I love the fact that if you get a question wrong it gives an excellent explanation so it does teach in a way and can really help build confidence in subject areas where a child may be struggling.

All in all the kids gave this a thumbs up. Captain America hasn't moaned once about using this program and really likes seeing his award sticker chart fill up.

There are so many levels to this program. You really should click on the link below to see what others think!

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