Saturday, November 29, 2014

Katie's London Christmas - Book Review

I was sent a copy of Katie's London Christmas  ($16.99)to read with Captain America.

It is written by James Mayhew is a children's author and illustrator whose books include on of our favorites 'Can You See a Little Bear?' In 1994 he received the New York Times Award for one of the best illustrated books of the year for 'The Boy and the Cloth of Dreams'.

Hubby read this Captain America first, he comment to me afterwards was that he loved all of the London sights as he was reading. Of course hubby and I are from England so this book with definitely have a place close to our hearts.

The book starts out with Katie and her brother sleeping at Grandma's house on Christmas Eve. They are awakened by a sneeze and go downstairs to investigate. They walk in the living room to find Father Christmas putting presents under their Christmas Tree. They realize Father Christmas had a cold and offer to help. Father Christmas accepts their offer and they go of on his sleigh. This is the only part that wobbled me a little about the story, so I did explain to Captain that he is to never leave the house with strangers, especially if Mom or Dad doesn't know. Boo heard me and piped up "Yes, even if he looks like Father Christmas!"

Anyway back to the story, Katie and her brother have a great time looking at all the popular tourist sites in London, from Santa's sleigh. They help deliver presents and even end up meeting the corgi's in Buckingham Palace.

After all their adventures they can barely wake up Christmas morning - What surprise do you think Father Christmas left under their Christmas tree - You will have to read it to find out.

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