Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Five Friday - November 14 2014

1. We had an excellent day today. In September a group of local home school Mom's and myself formed a little home school trip group. There are 7 families with kids ranging in age from 13 to well a new baby on the way. Most of us have decided that COOPs are just too much commitment. However field trips are always more fun in groups. So September we went to the State Capital, October a famous graveyard and today a Alpaca Rescue.

2. The Alpaca Rescue we visited was really cool! The kids had a great time running around with all the animals. They have more than Alpaca's but every animal/bird on the property has been rescued.

3. Actually not just the animals have been rescued. I watched their video on YouTube and it tells their story that led them to adoption. So their story starts with rescuing children and themselves before leading onto Animals.

4. We learned SO much about Alpaca's and each of the Alpaca's had such a sad story. The Alpaca's had really cute names. The girls were all names after Gems/Jewels and the boys after Harley's. Jam thought that was cool!

5. You really need to check out their website and learn what they are trying to do. You can click here to learn more about OSA. They have their own webstore all of their products are home grown Alpaca! They also have a sponsorship program $20.00 will cover the cost of sponsoring an Alpaca for a whole year!

My kids came home raving about our trip today. My husband was quite entertained with their stories. It was definitely a perfect day!

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  1. One of my dearest friends nearly became an Alpaca farmer. Well, her husband wanted to and she slowly warmed to the idea and then her husband changed his mind but it was fascinating to hear all about Alpacas from her!


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