Friday, November 28, 2014

Random Five Friday - November 29th 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1. I had a great Thanksgiving. Last year it was just the five of us. This year although we weren't all together there was at least a few more of us gathered at my parents house.

2. Captain America had his first piano lesson last week and has been doing really well practicing his musical alphabet. He has it down now and really looking forward to his next lesson!

3. We have finished the changes in the basement and the kids new school area is back up and running. I will do a post on it soon. However, it is great to have our space back upstairs. We now have a reading/piano room. It's so nice Captain America keeps his library books in a basket next to the chair. He can often be found curled up on the chair.

4. My husband loves hot turkey sandwiches. In fact I think he likes them almost as much as Thanksgiving dinner.

5. The weather was amazing today. Hubby took the chance to put up our outside Christmas lights. We always put up our tree the first Monday in December. The kids are really excited because the first Monday is also December 1st. Then Christmas can start!

I normally link up with The Pebble Pond but her link isn't up yet so hopefully it will be up soon!

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