Friday, December 5, 2014

5 on the Fifth!

5 on the Fifth

I really can't believe we are now to December 5th! However I really do like to share some of the cool blog posts I have found over the last month.

1. Is a really cool way to record a USA state unit study.  Marine Corps Nomads has this really cool printable passport with stamps to use when studying the individual States.

Printable State Study Passport

2. Today it has been raining ALL day. This idea from Artistic Junkie for rainy day activities would have been awesome!

3.  My third blog post another Christmas craft that I have been meaning to do with the kids. From the blog Gift of Curiosity

Crystallized snowflakes - these beautiful snowflakes make a great winter craft AND they double as a science demonstration || Gift of Curiosity 

4.  OK I can't help but share this from Fun at Home With Kids. It's a Magic Foaming Snowman... What's not to love.

{New Recipe} Foaming Dough you can use to make Magic Foaming Snowmen that "melt" into an icy puddle of frothy foam!  From Fun at Home with Kids

5. Captain America has just started his piano journey. I found this over at Year Round Homeschooling I will be definitely be printing these off!

These {free} Flash Cards and Memory Game printables are a FUN way to help them learn and memorize music symbols, note names and key signatures!!

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