Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review - Princess Spy - Melanie Dickerson

As an adult that doesn't want to read books written for adults, unless of course they were written by Charlotte Bronte or Charles Dickens. I am forever in search of books written for teens that are not completely childish.

I was given the opportunity to read The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson and I was impressed. I had never read any of her work before and so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the other reviews seemed rather good so I thought I would see for myself. The book itself is listed as a #1 Best Seller in Teen and Young Adult Action & Adventure on Amazon.

The story is told alternatively from the view point of two protagonists Margartha and Colin. Colin has come to Germany from England to revenge the death of his friend. However when he is attacked with his best friend John and is left for dead he is brought to the castle of Margartha's father. He can't speak German and is in a bit of a state when Margartha steps in to help. In the meantime Margartha is the oldest daughter and is at marrying age. She talks A LOT and seems to annoy a lot of suitors. She wants to get married, but not for the wrong reasons. She wants to marry for love, to someone who loves her. When we first meet her in the story, she is receiving attention from her newest suitor, Rowland Fortescue, Earl of Claybrook. She is not sure if she likes him or not. In fact she could just like the idea of liking him.

Not far into the story Margartha and Colin join forces to save her family. I hate heroines that faint and are helpless. Margartha is definitely not a wimpy heroine. She is willing to do what ever it takes to help her family.

Although the rest of the family play quite minor roles, each of them have quite strong personalities. I didn't realize that there are other books that include some of these characters. However, it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the story.

I really enjoyed this, and it's a story that I will let Boo read!

Thumbs up!

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