Thursday, January 29, 2015

PawdPet is the cuddly answer to your Phone/Pad protection! Help Support the KickStarter

Everyone in my house has a pad including the 6 year old. In fact Captain has been through three pads in the last 18 months. So when I heard about a cute way to store and hold his pad I was really interested.
Have you heard about Kickstarter? It's a cool way to raise money to get a project of the ground. 

PawdPet is a fun innovated product that can help save your pad or phone from the bumps and drops that can happen so easily when kids use electronic devices.

I showed these to my kids and honestly Boo and Captain were awestruck. Boo (12) was oohing and ahhing over them and Captain thought they were awesome. Think of a protective product with the appeal of a cute cuddly toy.

There is a little magnetic belly which holds your pad or phone tight, and then a padded soft pocket to slip it into while walking around. Each PawdPet comes with a handle so the child can carry it around with the ease of a bag.

With your support, PawdPet's will be able to cover the cost of their first production run. With their KickStarter goal they will be ready about this summer 2015. Hopefully just in time for my trip to Disney.

If you are interested in helping out this campaign pop over to the KickStarter Campaign and receive your PawdPet before the general public!

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