Wednesday, January 6, 2016 Review and Half Price Coupon {TOS REVIEW}

I have been using for about three years now. I recently received another Yearly Membership for the website. All of my kids use this for various subjects and I have really enjoyed looking over the new classes that have just been added.

Recently Boo has been working on the geography course.

Terri Johnson teaches this class. She is a homeschooler and also runs their family business Knowledge Quest Inc. Boo really enjoyed the course. She loves the combination of research topics, and map-work. She loves that it really focuses on learning facts about different countries in the 20th Century.
The other course that we have been working with a lot is Music Theory I & II. Jam and Boo have been taking piano lessons for a long time. However, theory is something that we need to keep reviewing. Michelle Martin is the instructor for these courses she has been teaching music for over twenty years. She is also a performer, music writer and yes you guessed it - a home-school Mom. Students learn all about notes, tempos, rests and dynamics, A lot of the course was a reminder for my older two, but they are definitely well put together courses. Music Theory II extends into more advanced theory. This is and will continue to be a huge benefit to my family.
There are so many subjects available on it's hard to list all of them here. There truly is a class for every regular homeschool subject you can think of plus, a lot of the electives your kids want. The major benefit for this website is that is the same cost no matter how many children you have using it. It's the same price if you have one child using the website for one subject as it is if you homeschool ten children solely using this resource. 
If you use the code CREWFOLLOWER you can get 50% off a whole year subscription (not valid with the $1 for the first month deal). This 50% off code is valid until January 31 2016 so act fast!
Remember I said that there is something for everyone. There are actually close to 200 different classes available. Classes are available for all ages from preschool to high-school. Some examples are;
Art - Including art appreciation, techniques, and studio art
Bible - This section has different classes for all ages pre K to High School
Computer and Technology - Keyboarding, programming, Internet Entrepreneurship, Web game design 
Drama and Speech - Reader's Theater, Shakespeare, Advanced Public Speaking, How to write and produce a play
Foreign Languages - French, Hebrew, Latvian, Spanish, ASL Adventure 
Electives - Architecture, Photography, Wildlife Adventures
History, Geography, and Social Studies -ABC, Explorers, Figures in History, Classical History, Economics
Language Arts - Handwriting, Ditch the Desk, Literature, Daily Grammar, Story Telling, Copywork
Math - Everything from games to Algebra to Statistics and Trig
Music - Guitar, If it isn't Baroque - The History of Western Music, Music Theory I & II, Beginner Violin
Nutrition, Health, and Fitness - Middle School Health, Health 101
Science - Charlottle Mason Preschool, Bug Science, Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science
The lists above are not complete but just a few that caught my eye. I could look at courses all day. I haven't tried all of them. Actually writing this has just given me a new found excitement for all of the courses my kids haven't used on this website yet. How many hours a day can I make them do school - just joking. Seriously though sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day for everything there is to learn!
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