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SimplyFun Archery Dice {TOS REVIEW}

SimplyFun Review

I'm reviewing Archery Dice, one of four of  SimplyFun new releases. We love games and so we were really excited when this arrived. My kids are funny lately whenever a package arrives on the doorstep they all act like it's Christmas morning. As usual if the package contains a game everything is put on hold until we have played it not once, or twice, but normally five or six times.

SimplyFun Review

When this game arrived it was slightly different because there was only Captain and I at home so there wasn't quite as much noise - we still had to play it numerous times though before we could get back on with our day. Until of course the older kids came home and found out we had a new game and it all started again.

Archery Dice is a mixture of skill and luck, mainly luck for me but I can see how you could get skilled at it. It was a perfect game for Captain who with his Amblyopia really benefits from any hand eye coordination games. The back of the box says that the skills taught in this game are

1. Hand eye coordination
2. Strategy

What comes in the box;

16 Targets
12 dice (3 of each color red, yellow, blue, and green)
4 wooden disks

That's all that's needed to play.

Setting up;

To start the game you need to set up the area of play. We found it was easier to play on the table rather that the floor. Or maybe that's just because I'm getting old and I don't like sitting on the floor anymore. Three targets are placed on the table to form a triangular shape. They need to be an equal distance from each placer. The targets shouldn't be touching so try to leave about a die-sized space between each of them, but still trying to get the triangle shape. each player then gets three dice which they set up on top of each other on the wooden circle.This is placed a little way away from the center targets. I think the instructions say about the width of two targets away.

Playing the game;

Everyone flicks a die to see who goes first. The player with the higher number goes first according to the rules. You could however switch this up if you wanted. On your turn you flick the top die from your stack. You have to be careful to only flick one - as you loose any die that fall. The main goal is to land your die on one of the targets. There are several things that happen if you land on a target explained in the rules so I am not going to go on about those but you can win a target instantly, win one at the end of the round, and also steal a target from someone else unless it's 'banked'.


The first player to bank 4 targets wins! You can tie or revise the rules to maybe say at the end of a period of time the player with the most targets wins. I did this when just Captain and I played or we would still be playing now.

What we thought;

I think this game is a good way to work on hand-eye coordination. It's a lot harder than you think and yet still easy to play. My kids like it but it's also not their favorite. I like how simple it is and yet still challenging for adults that want to play. It's the kind of game that puts everyone on an equal footing. Unless of course you are an expert die flicker.

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SimplyFun Review

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