Saturday, March 19, 2016

Field Trip Friday

This Friday our field trip group went to our local department of conservation fishery. It was an amazing field trip. We were shown how they 'milk' a fish to remove the eggs and how they fertilize them. This fishery stocks the lakes in our area.

The kids age 9 and up were able to go back into the actual workplace. The younger ones could watch through the window and then they were taken to the aquarium room and a volunteer talked to them about the fish in our area.

After the tours the children were allowed to fish the 'children's fishing pond'. Captain caught his first fish, and Jam managed to loose 5 hooks and break a rod. All of which were supplied by the department. They could catch and release all day or be done if the caught and kept two. Hot dogs and worms were provided for bait. We used hot dogs.

It was a great trip. According to the kids it was made even better because they were given a school group discount of 15% in the gift shop.

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