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Memoria Press - D'Aulaires' Greek Myths {TOS Review}

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

We have been pleased to use lots of courses in the past from Memoria Press and Captain has been influenced by his older brother's love of Greek Mythology so he was really excited to be able to work on a course just for him. We received their D'Aulaire's Greek Myth set and Captain is loving it!

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

To facilitate this review we received everything in the picture above. A student book, teacher guide and a copy of D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths plus a set of Greek Myth flashcards.

The course is divided into 25 lessons with a review lesson every 5 lessons making a total of 30 lessons. So it easy divides into a full year course.

I know some people don't like Greek Mythology but my older son loved and so it seems to have stuck. Boo didn't find it quite as interesting but even she loved the D'Aulaires book. Captain was excited to have his very own copy to study including a 'big boy' workbook.

The other reason I like Greek Mythology is that it is both educating and entertaining. There are references to mythology everywhere we look in out modern culture. We learn towards more of a classical education and so incorporating this course into our studies makes sense. My children already study Latin and so adding this Greek Myth course is a perfect balance.

This set is so easy to pick up and use. The teachers guide is a step by step copy of the student guide except with all the answers. Including the answers to the comprehensive questions. I love how easy these sets are to use - just keep the teacher book away from the kids.

Each lesson is broken down into different sections.

At the top of each lesson it identifies what pages from the D'Aulaires book will be covered in the lesson. I love the simplicity of this and because Captain is a great reader, I assign him these pages to be read before our next lesson.

1. Facts to Know-
This section is there to help the children identify the main characters in the pages being studied. For example in Lesson 5 one of the examples is;

Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty
Golden Apple of Discord - caused war when thrown by Eris

Those examples are not in order and just two of the eleven given. I chose them as these facts to know can be a mixture of people or objects. The child doesn't write in this section, but it is recommended that they study it so they can understand the stories and follow the plots.

2. Vocabulary-
This section contains new vocabulary words with a place for the child to write the definition. The vocabulary word is given to the child in a sentence so as to put it in context.

3.Comprehension Questions-
This section contains questions about the pages the child has read.

4. Activities-
This section gives extra assignments. There are lists and maps at the back of the book and this is where you would find the instructions of what to do with them. Some of the assignments are verbal, but whatever the case the answers are all found in the teacher manual.

Since Captain is so young I did some of the writing in the student manual as he found all of the writing, especially the comprehension questions a little daunting. He is only seven. However, he did all the reading himself and was able to narrate all the answers. We practiced using a dictionary while we looked up the vocabulary.


We actually haven't used the flashcards much yet. They are not incorporated into the lessons and are really just added tools to aid memorization and study. As we work through the course I will add them into our review lessons and I am trying to think up a fun game for us to play. Although I would definitely loose as my kids know SO much more than me. I am learning along with Captain as we work through this course.

I really like this course. They couldn't have picked a better text to read a long with it. We love D'Aulaires and own many of their history spines so this was a perfect addition to our collection. They are well written and the artwork included is amazing. Since this is a children's Greek Myth book the pictures are a lot milder than some I have seen. Which again makes it a great text for children. Captain even took it to bed a time or two.

The crew were able to review three text from Memoria Press during this review period. Click on the link below to find out what they are!

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Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review
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