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LearnBop for Families Review
We have been using LearnBop to practice our math skills over the last few weeks. We were sent a 12 month family subscription to LearnBop for Families and the kids have been using it roughly 3x a week since we received it.

LearnBop for Families Review
LearnBop is a self paced online math program suitable for families. They have an individual plan and a family plan which allows for up to four users. This is the plan we received.

The plan itself is advertised at being for grades 3-12 but we were able to use some of the instruction for Captain who is in the process of finishing up 2nd grade math. He's only seven so I don't hold him to a strict time frame. In some areas he's working above 2nd grade and that's one reason why this program intrigued me in the first place.
LearnBop for Families Review

The program does not hold children to certain grades so it is adaptable and easily allows a child the instruction they need in both advanced and struggling math subjects.

I love online programs for math because they give instruction when my children need it. They don't have to wait for me to finish or wait for their Dad to get home (he's my kids preferred parent when it comes to math help).

When you first sign in to LearnBop you choose a 'learning roadmap'. The curriculum is in either grade level or math subject so it can be easily adapted. If you child is just starting 3rd grade for example you can just click on that roadmap. If they are in a higher grade and have some gaps then you can click on individual math subjects and they can work on different levels for each one. Even if you choose a certain roadmap the child completes 'warm-up' exercises that access where they are. The program then helps you identify gaps in subjects that need to be reviewed.

My kids loved the videos that are included in the lessons. They can watch each video more that once, and if the child is struggling they can click on step by step instructions that help them understand where they are going wrong. Every time you move to a new concept or topic there is a video there to help you learn the topic.

Each lesson shows clear progress.

The dashboard shows and records progress as well as achievements that the child has made. This made my kids continue even when things seem a little hard, especially Captain. He really likes getting 'earned' achievements on his dashboard.

We have used lots of online math programs. Although this one isn't my kids favorite it is definitely another good option for homeschool or public school families alike. I like that this can be used as extra practice to review specific subjects too.

The program is bright and very appealing for kids which is a bonus.

One of the other things I like about this program is their commitment to giving back to the community. They have a great give back program with their buy one - give one program. For every program bought they give one to the GO Project.

Check out what others thought of this program by clicking on the link below.

LearnBop for Families Review

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