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I have been homeschooling for quite a few years and have tried multiple ways to keep track of assignments, grades and hours. I was excited to try out My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from
My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) is so full of useful tools to help plan my kids school year I am sure I still haven't figured everything out yet. I have been using this online planner for a few weeks and so I will do my best to do it justice and share all the juicy details. 
The first thing I loved about this program is that I can enter extra curricular activities easily. We are on a slow school schedule right now. We don't do full school, but we never stop either unless everyone is at home, or we go out of town. However, my kids do summer sports that differ slightly than our regular year sports. By differ slightly I mean we still swim - swimming is our sport all year. In the summer the kids swim on our local recreation for 6 weeks. It's less intense than or winter USA swimming schedule but practices still run every day and instead of a swim meet every month we basically have on a week for six weeks. I was able to easily put this information in the planner under 'extra-curricular' and add hours for it. 
There is also a section for awards. This has come in very handy for those things we forget to record. Boo recently did a 'safe sitter' course. It's a course designed to teach teenagers how to be prepared while babysitting especially in certain emergency situations. It was a whole day course and she took a test at the end. She was please to tell us she scored 100%. Normally I would file her certificate away and it may be forgotten forever. Instead I was able to go straight to the 'awards' section on the correct tracking page and record the information. This includes the date, the hours she attended the course and her score in the test.
I have also started to use this section to record the process (and it's a long one) for Jam's Eagle Award for Boy Scouts. We are nearly ready to send in all the paperwork. So I have been recording the hours etc for his service project. I can't wait to enter his Eagle Award details in the 'awards' section.
I mentioned swim league earlier, because there is an award section. I can even enter the ribbons and awards that they receive during the season. This will make it organized and easy to recall information for transcripts etc especially as my older two are going to both be in high school this next year.
I entered Jam's religion class in. Every morning for the school year he get's up early and attends a class from 6-7 am. He passed this year with an A and received a full credit for his attendance. He will be doing this every public school day of high school. 
You can also print off reports at the click of a button. I took a screen shot of the button choices and it as simple as click and print!
Like I said, I feel that I have really only scratched the surface with this program. You don't have to just take my word for it. You can click on the link below and read how others on the crew have used it. Plus you can click here to sign up for their month free trial.
I really liked this program, I know I still have so much to learn but what I have done so far seems really simple. Plus they have email support and a toll-free number to call if you need help! You can also check them out on social media.
Homeschool Record Keeping { Review}

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