Sunday, July 3, 2016

GPS and The Holy Ghost

I had a little reminder of why we should little to the Holy Ghost this weekend.

Friday night I was driving home with Boo from my sister's house. It was a pleasant drive and I had the GPS on my phone set to make sure we got home safely.

When we first set of from my sister's my phone started to tell me to go a route that I don't normally take, in fact last time I took it it ended up taking me a little longer to get home. So I ignored the directions and carried on the way my husband had shown me numerous times. Now I have to just add her that my sister lives about 90 minutes from me, and we have to drive through the city to get home - past some undesirable neighborhoods.

We carried on our journey, singing to music and having fun together. When my phone started talking to me again suggesting I take an alternate route. It said there was a short delay on our regular route. I pressed dismiss and carried on. A few minutes later it again suggested that I exit and take an alternate route. I couldn't see any problems on the road ahead and so ignoring the advice I carried on.

It was then that we we round a slight bend in the road and we saw what my GPS was trying to warn me about. Bumper to bumper cars as far as we could see. I immediately knew I should have listened but it was too late. We sat and sat and crawled along the road for what seemed like forever.

Luckily we came upon a ramp that would have been an 'on' ramp in normal road conditions. The police had blocked it off and were helping the cars and trucks to do a u-turn on the Interstate and drive the wrong way off.

We had been given a second chance and I was so relived. We came of the road at a place I had never been before and I didn't know what to do. We pulled over and I reset my GPS, and followed it. WE drove what seemed like a circle through neighborhoods I didn't want to be in until it led us to the Interstate we had just left, but further down, past the accident.

As I was driving the rest of the way home I was thinking how much time we could have saved and how easier our journey would have been if we had followed that small voice in the first place. If I had listened to the 'promptings' of my GPS.

I spoke to my sister while we were sat in the traffic and she said 'You should always follow the GPS'. The same is said of the Holy Ghost. We need to follow the promptings that we receive. I'm not saying our lives will be perfect but I'm saying that it is always the right choice to follow those promptings.

So I guess sitting in traffic Friday night wasn't completely bad, it made me think and that's always a good thing.

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