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Olim, Once upon a Time in Latin Readers and Workbooks {TOS REVIEW}

Captain loves Latin. He has been studying it with his Nana in England via Skype for the last year. So when we were offered Olim Once Upon a Time in Latin Reader 1 and Olim Once Upon a Time in Latin Workbook 1 from Laurelwood Books. There are six levels all together and I am sure that Captain would have been able to manage any of the stories but he really wanted to work on 'The Three Little Pigs', 'The Tortoise and the Hare', and 'The Crow and the Pitcher'. There are some really good stories available in the other levels too so make sure you check out the reviews of the other crew members by clicking on my link at the bottom of this page.

This set comes as two soft-backed books. The Reader itself is non-consumable and can be used by multiple students. However, you would need a separate workbook per child.

This series was authored by Mary Ellen Tedrow-Wynn a mother of seven and a veteran home-school mom. This experience has really helped her produce a series with home-school in mind. The series uses a mixture of fables, parables, and Bible stories to introduce the students to Latin. The stories themselves are not in the original text but have been simplified so that the level of Latin in appropriate for young readers.

When you first open the reader you come to a 'How to Pronounce Latin' page. This is really important. My children have been studying Latin for a while, the older two longer even than Captain and they all laugh at me when I try to test them on their vocabulary - this page is really important it explains the differences really well.

Each story is written in English with some cute little pencil type drawings. The the story is repeated this time completely in Latin. However this time there is a vocabulary list on each page plus a little key at the bottom that shows adjectives and direct objects.

The program is very easy to complete. Captain actually worked through most of this himself. He read the English version and then started straight away on the Latin version. The child reads each page and at the bottom there is a little stop sign and next to it an instruction for the child. For example on the first page of Latin (page 18 in the workbook) the instruction is to 'Do Workbook Exercise 1'. Captain really liked that there was not confusion as what was expected of him every lesson.

The workbook contains a mixture of exercises I'll list some of them.

1. Translation from Latin to English
2. Translation from English to Latin
3. Fill in the blank, and then translate the English text
4. Matching Latin words to the English

I'm sure I have missed a couple of them, but you get the picture. The exercises really help the child feel comfortable moving from English to Latin and back again.

If the child finds the exercises easy or masters them well there is a 'Dig Deeper' page after each section. This actually goes a little deeper into the grammar involved. It explains how the endings of the words change. It teaches the child about how the Latin changes depending on whether the whether it's nominative or accusative and singular or plural. It explains different grammar points throughout the book and it's very informative.

I love these books. Captain has been using some of the vocabulary in other sentences. It's fun to see him become more familiar with his Latin vocabulary.

Captain loves the stories in his book, so I know you are going to want to check out the review of the other levels.

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}

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