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Middlebury Interactive Languages - Spanish {TOS Review}

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

Last year Boo was really jealous as Captain was able to use Middlebury Interactive Languages last year when we were chosen to review it. He loved it and so we were really excited when we were given the opportunity to review it again this year for the third time. The first time we reviewed it we used an elementary course. Last year Captain used High School Spanish 1 and this year Boo is using High School Spanish 1.

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

It's funny when you have kids that are following each other. They can use the same curriculum and have different results. In this case luckily both kids loved the program. Boo has actually had a little more Spanish that Captain had when he started this program. Mainly because she loves it and really has a desire to be fluent.

When the student signs into the program and clicks on the screen there is a simple button that's labeled 'up next' you can see it in the picture below.

Boo got a little confused and jumped around the program a little bit. Boo liked the program but found that she had to work on her own a little to learn some of the things the program expects you to already know.

Each lesson contains various activities. When they are completed each one is marked so you know you are able to move on.

The pace of the Spanish is quite fast. The program expects you to already know quite a bit and Boo found the pace a little fast. Even though she has used other Spanish programs in the past. The good thing about programs like this is that you can work at your own pace to some degree. We didn't receive the program that came with teacher instruction. I think if you used that version you would have to make sure you kept to the pace of the calender. The calender is very fast paced. Boo spends about 30 minutes a day and she realizes that she needs to spend a little more to keep up with the program.

We like how easy it is to work through. There are buttons on the screen to help you navigate.

We didn't use the calendar button much but this is where you would go if you were keeping up with the teacher's schedule.

The home button takes to the screen with the 'up-next' button. This is where you want to be at the begining of each lesson.

The 'Table of Contents' tab takes you to the course overview page you see below. You can see the overview of the course here. This helps you plan your schedule if you are not using the calender page.

There is a quick place to go to look at all of the work your child has done. It makes sense that it is labeled 'Gradebook' on the menu. Of course I'm not going to show you Boo's report but it lists each assignment here and whether it's a quiz or a unit test, when it was submitted, and the grade the student got. There is also a button over to the right 'Grade Report' if you click on that it gives you an overall grade and a breakdown.

The notifications tab is something we have never used. I think it would be used if you have the teacher assisted course so that they can communicate with each other.

Each lesson starts with a list of objectives. This is great because the child understands their goals for the day. For example unit 12 mentions that during this lesson the child will be learning vocabulary words related to food.

Each part of the lesson builds on the one before, so that the student learns the information in a balanced way.

We have really enjoyed this program and Boo will continue to use this program for the remaining subscription time.

This program is best used with some good quality headphones. Boo steals my work ones and says it makes a huge difference when you are completing the speaking sections.

The Homeschool Review Crew were able to try a couple of different languages offered. So make sure to check on the link below to read what others thought.

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

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