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Chara Games - Commissioned {SchoolHouse Review Crew}

Commissioned {Chara Games}

We love board games and so I was really excited to add Commissioned from Chara Games to our selection. I was very happy with the quality of the game when we recieved it. It is very well made and compares nicely to other high quality games in our cupboard.

Jam was the leader when it came to playing this game. He spent a lot of time watching the official 'how to play' video. I linked to the video below so you can check it out.

We played this for the first time when my husband was out of town and my parents were visiting. Jam was very good at explaining the game to everyone. The main difference with this game is that everyone is working together. Because of this it takes a little getting used to. My youngest kept on asking how he wins. We explained a few times that everyone either wins or loses.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

I love that this game is history based, and cooperative so if you can turn a family game night into family argument night then this game style might help. As you go through the game play you learn a lot about history around the time of the Apostles of the early church. Although this is based on the Apostles you don't have to be religious to play the game, or be a history buff. Instead of approaching this time period from a religous standpoint it's done through a historical standpoint.

Each player plays in turn. They are given an apostle card and 'become' that Apostle for the length of play. Everyone takes turn being the 'elder' and they lead the play for that round. Play is quite complicated and I had to watch the video a couple of times. Jam did a lot of the explaining he seemed to understand it quicker than I did - maybe I'm getting old! The first time we played we tried with six people.

This is Jam's explanation of how to play;

1. You set up the board as directed (he recommends watching the video first).
2. The order of play is;

ARM - Each player draws 6 cards from their Apostle deck.

LIVE - The Elder turns over a trial card. Then each player 'prays' by choosing two of of the six cards previously drawn that they think solves the trial card. Then after each player/Apostle has chosen their two cards and placed them in the prayer boxes everyone turns them over and the Elder chooses two cards from all of the ones presented. He used them to fix the 'trial' or he might only use one of them to solve the trial and place the other on one of the nine New Testament scriptures that are needed to complete the game. After the Elder applies the two cards, he gets two moves to either send missionaries to other cities or to send them to fellowship with other saints in a cities already occupied by the church. The next step is to add one church to every city that has at least three pieces. These pieces have to be either an Apostle (game piece), missonary meeple (looks like a little white person), or a church (white square). This is repeated 5 times (when you have 6 players) each time with another player being the 'Elder'. After the last person has been the 'Elder' you move to the 'Mature' part of the game

MATURE- In this section the player/Apostles buy new cards using the points they earned in the LIVE section.

This process is repeated until all trials cards have been used or you complete your challenge on the card. If you complete the challenge before all candle have been snuffed out then you win. A candle is snuffed out when a church is lost from one of the countries. If you run out of trial cards before you complete the mission you also lose.

Jam found the game interesting he liked the blend of History and Religion. It reminded him of another strategy board game where your conquer the world except this time you conquer the world with religion instead of rolling die to win countries.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

I am looking forward to reviewing another one of their games soon. It's called Three Seeds it looks fun and only takes 30-45 minutes. Jam is looking forward to it! So keep an eye out for the review soon.

Check out the company on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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Commissioned {Chara Games}

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