Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let the painting begin!

Hubby hates to paint, but he's really good at it. Funny how that happens right! After a full morning of teaching Jam how to properly tape off a room so you don't get paint on the wrong surfaces :)
Jam got his first lesson. They worked on the ceiling of out new formal sitting room together.
I can't wait for the blue wall to disappear, but I have to remember there is an order to everything.
At least the ugly granite shelf is gone.

Jam was amazed on how long it takes to put the painters tape and plastic down everywhere. It was good thinking to keep the movers out of this room. We actually sold our old sofa and chair before the move and moved our recliners to the basement. Which actually looks semi-organized. Which is great because it gives us somewhere to crash at the end of the day.

So what did I do today you might ask...well for the last few days I've been busy putting the shared living space together. Especially the kitchen - man that took FOREVER!!! After I had finished I decided to look around and see how the kids had done. Jam and Boo's rooms were awesome! Everything away and in a new home. Boo needed some extra shelves etc but she's super excited that her room is HUGE!!! I don't think it makes up for all the friends she is missing terribly. It's only her second time moving but let me tell you... moving at 14 and 16 is WAY harder than when they were 10 and 12 :( plus last time was only an hour away from where they were born...and an hour away from Grandma and Grandpa. Ten hours...man that is HUGE for all of us but especially them. They had such a tight group of friends on their swim team that will never be duplicated I'm sure. BUT we are here and so hopefully they will make some new great friends while keeping in touch with their old ones. You can never have too many friends right!

So as we are slowly adding our touch to this new house, I'll keep you updated with pictures and things along the way.

Now back to my afternoon! Captain is not quite as good as the older two organizing a room. It took me a few minutes to remember he was only little still as I stood gazing at his 'finished' room. I think what had actually happened was he opened the boxes and dumped the contents of them all over this floor and then proceeded to clear a space by throwing it all under his desk and in his walk-in closet!

So after what felt like eternity and coming to the realization that kid has way too much 'junk' in his room but not being quite in the right mind frame to tackle all that...I made it presentable. I hung up all his clothes, gave him a cool bookshelf (Okay a converted shallow plastic tote) to put his thousands of coloring books and notebooks that are filled with his stories and doodles. I could honestly say it was passable. 

Then I headed to the kitchen to pick/de-bone 12 rotisserie chickens I bought on clearance at Walmart to stick in the freezer - YEAH my freezer isn't completely empty now :)

Whatever you did today - I hope you had a good one!

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