Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Those crazy things you lose when you move!

Moving has been such a joy - NOT! Even though we haven't had to pack and drive our belongings across the country it's still been crazy. No we didn't sell everything we possessed, but we did have someone come and pack us, load it all in a HUGE truck - so big it couldn't fit down our street in the house we moved out of - and then someone drive it 10 hours across the country and unload us at the other end.

There are some stresses that come with this type of move! Not the same ones as you get if you take weeks packing everything you own into boxes and loading it with the help of your friends that work for pizza and then driving it yourself - but stresses just the same!

For example over the last week we have been searching for a printer cable and ink. I mean everywhere...I am convinced that I have opened every last box. Where would you have packed them, I ask... with the printers right? Well that's what I would have thought too but NO I have all the printers and even a box of toner and black ink. However, can I find the cable and colored ink NO!! The main problem is the cable is from our black and white printer - the one that takes the toner and the colored ink is for the other printer that although is full (brand-new cartridge) of black ink doesn't work if one other cartridge is empty! Even if you want to print in black and white. So Amazon it is...I guess I can wait 2 days to print. I know to most people that may seem crazy - I mean who prints more that once or twice a week. Well I know you other homeschool Mom's can feel my pain. I mean surely it can't just be me that run's their printer more often than their hair dryer! (I kid you not - I mean who has time to dry their hair every morning lol).

So here I am making do - waiting for Amazon. I hope they deliver soon...

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