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Latina Christiana Complete Set - Memoria Press {TOS Review}

Memoria Press

My husband and I think Latin is really important. So I was thrilled when we were chosen to review Latina Christiana Complete Set an introduction to first form Latin from Memoria Press. It's designed for grades 3-6.

We received paper copies (not downloads) of:
  • Student book that contains 25 lessons and 5 review sections
  • Teacher manual
  • Pronunciation CD
  • Flashcard set
  • 3 Instructional DVDs
The kids have been learning Latin for quite a few years. The older two even had Latin lessons via Skype with their Nana in England. However, it's just too much for her now. Since I want Captain to have a good foundation with Latin as well the courses from Memoria Press are perfect. I never learned Latin in school and so my pronunciation skills are very low. The three instructional DVDs contain a video for each lesson which adds up to about 5 and a half hours of instruction. Using these DVDs is a huge advantage over just using the teacher and student book. I really wouldn't like to try using a Latin homeschool program without these type of DVDs. The student book is easy to work through and teachers grammar form, vocabulary words, and Latin sayings. Each lesson starts with a Latin saying, they always have a fun meaning and are great to memorize. The each lesson introduces ten new vocabulary words. There is a quiz at the end of each set of five lessons.

I used this program with Captain he was probably a little young for it, but managed to work through it with me alongside him. It's not something that he could complete alone yet. However, he is very young for third grade as he is working a grade higher in most of his subjects. In fact in some he is higher than that. However since this program is suitable from 3rd to 6th grade he needed a little extra attention while completing each lesson. My older kids were interested in the way this course pronounces the Latin words. When they worked with their Nana they used a different Latin program and learned to pronounce their Latin words differently (the way she was taught in school). If you have taken Latin before then you may find this too. At the beginning of the lesson DVD the teacher explains the difference. Which like I mentioned earlier was a surprise to me. I thought there was only one way to pronounce it.

The teacher manual contains a complete copy of the student manual but includes all the answers - which of course is very handy. We also received the pack of flashcards which make it so much easier to learn. The are a little big for the regular card file box, but we learned that one of our lockable food containers worked perfect, and also stopped them from falling out in our cupboard.

Captain would watch the video of the lesson with me. Sometimes he would try and complete the workbook while watching the video if I wasn't watching. Sometimes he needed to watch a lesson more than once. However, I believe that's because he's at the youngest recommended age. This could definitely be used for a 5th or 6th grader that is new to Latin study.

We have used so many different courses from Memoria Press from Geography and History to of course Latin. However, some of the crew are reviewing a really interesting science course The Book of Trees Set you should really check it out! There are also lots of other Latin courses being reviewed.

We have never been disappointed with the courses offered by Memoria Press and Latina Christiana  certainly didn't disappoint.

Memoria Press is very active on social media so there are lots of ways to learn more about the company.

You can find them on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+YouTube, and even Linked In

If you have been around awhile you know to click on the link below to read all the other fun reviews from the crew!

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