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Chara Games - Unauthorized {TOS REVIEWS}

Chara Games

We have been playing a new game called Unauthorized by Chara Games. It's made for 6-12 players but we played it with 5 (one person actually had 2 sets of cards). The game play was a little confusing at first but with a little practice it became easier.


There is a really good You Tube video that helps! I watched this video quite a few times!

The games comes in a little cardboard box similar to any card game. It comes with a rule book, 12 role cards - there are 12 so you can use as many of them as you need. There are 2 different kinds of reference cards. One for the dealer and two for the players to share. This helps the dealer and players know what they do on their turn. There are also experience cards, you use different numbers of these depending on how many players you have.


The set up of the game varies depending on how many players you have. You need enough role cards - one for each player. Since we played with 5 players and we needed 6 we set up the game for 6 and one of us had an extra hand. There always needs to be at least one pastor role card and one police role card when setting up the game. If you have more players you would eventually have 2 of each. The other role cards will be neutral. All six role cards are then shuffled out and dealt. The players that have been dealt the pastor role card or the police role card are each given 7 cards. The pastor is given 7 green church cards and the police 7 red state cards.


The rest of the cards are then shuffled and dealt out to the other 4 players - until they also have 7 cards each. The role cards each have two pictures on them. One is female and the other male. It doesn't effect the game play at all and the player can choose which one they would rather use. The experience cards are used like a hand of cards in any card game - which means you don't want to show them to the other players.

There are then three faces of card play. This is described really well in the video. Basically everyone - starting with the dealer takes turns playing cards following the rule of play on the description cards. The first play the players lay cards down. Play 2 players pass 1 card to their right and then play a card down. Play 3 the players pass a card to their left and then play a card down. Round 4 they pass a card to anyone and then lay a card down. At any point during this a player goes down to 1 card they draw a card from the deck.

After the card part of play, there is another step. Each player makes a choice from a list of options -

Role Power (found on role card)
Speak to a Neighbor
Seek Parole (if you are in prison)
Conduct a Police Execution (police only)

After this point in the game the dealer card gets passed according to the instructions on the game. Since we played with 6 hands we passed it 2 to the left. When this is done the card actions start again with the new dealer going first.

At the end of the game the church wins if the majority of players are loyal to the church (more green cards) and at least one person is not in prison. The state wins if the majority of  players are loyal to the state (more red cards) or if everyone with a church majority (green cards) are in prison.

If you want to learn more about Chara Games you can click on the video below to learn all about how they came about.

We played this a few times as a family. I never got enough people together to play with more than five, and I think we would have gotten a better feel for the game if we had. However, we are going to give it ago when we have family visit. Also one of our player (Captain) I think was a little young to understand the concept behind the game. It took him a while to become comfortable with the style of play.

If you want to see what others thought about the game click on the link below!

Unauthorized {Chara Games Reviews}

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