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CursiveLogic {TOS Review}

Cursive is one of those subjects that is likely to make me pull my hair out with my youngest. I basically gave up with my older two as they settled into their own hybrid style. With Captain I have goals...really neat proper cursive. CursiveLogic uses a really logical approach to handwriting. I received their Quick Start Pack which Captain has been using faithfully and their The Art of Cursive adult coloring book which I greedily kept all to myself - no children allowed!

I watched the instructional video with Captain to give him a sense of ownership of the program. He loves to be self motivated and doesn't always like to wait for me to work on certain subjects. He likes to have a list of things he can get on with in the morning while I'm working on other things. I figured this was the best way to instruct him on the program - and boy did it work. He understood the instructions and was super excited to get busy.

Cursive Logic New Edition
The program works by using a shape based approach and color, movement, verbal, and auditory tools. So it covers all learning styles. Captain loved that he was writing more than one letter on each page. Other programs that we have tried work through the alphabet one at a time. This program doesn't work like that you work on full words straight away. I would get little notes saying I LOVE MOM in cursive within a day or two of him starting!

Captain found the way to form the letters logical and liked how he started attaching letters together. He's not perfect yet and he only works on a page a day but I figure slow and steady wins the race right? He still doesn't willing write cursive. However one of the books he has for history is written in cursive. His Nana also wrote him a book about her life - written in very small cursive. Since working on this program he has realized that he can now READ cursive. It may seem like a small achievement to some but to read his own book Nana wrote is huge to him, and has really spurred on his work!

When we first started his letters were a little shaky. It's fun to see how he's improving and he is getting more control over his hand movements.

This is his first attempt -

He got a little more proficient as he got to the end of the first lesson -

That DOG and GOOD are amazing! I love it! He just needs to continue working through the program following each color string and getting more confidence - the hopefully he will find the confidence to write like this all time!

If you want to connect with CursiveLogic they are active on Facebook.

I mentioned earlier that I managed to keep the coloring book away from my teenagers. I am still surprised, Boo saw it and was SUPER interested when it arrived she loves things like that and I could have been really nice and let her use it. However, I decided to be nice to me instead. I had a nice pack of thin markers that don't bleed through and they were perfect. The beginning of the book has four really short lessons to review the information taught in the full cursive book. Then there is cursive practice on one side and a picture to color using handwriting techniques on the other. There are nice quotes tied in making a really nice page when it's finished!

I haven't finished the coloring book yet...but I know I will enjoy it!

One thing I was super excited to tell you about is a special discount code I am able to share! Use the code CREW2018 and get 20% off the price of a Quick Start Pack!!

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive {Cursive Logic Reviews}

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