Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Zirrly - Super Beads {TOS Review}

Captain loves to do crafts! He loves doing things he can just get out and work on by himself. We were fortunate to be chosen to review Super Beads by Zirrly. There are lots of different kinds, Captain was super excited to get the Super Beads Mega Pack.

Super Beads Mega Pack
Captain loves using these beads. You place the beads one at a time on a special tray with little spikes on. The beads have holes in and one sits on each of the little spikes. You put the beads in patterns so that they make a design. When the design is completed you spray the beads with water and then wait an hour. After about an hour the beads have fused together and can be removed from the trays.

Since they are so easy to do (no irons needed) Captain can work on these by himself. The only funny thing that you have to watch for is if you have a little dog like ours - If you do happen to drop a bead and the dog goes to 'sniff' it - it can quite possibly get stuck on their nose! This may or may not have happened! Don't worry they come off easily, I think it's because they have wet noses. However, since they are non-toxic you don't have to worry - not that you want to allow your puppy or kids to eat them!

Captain enjoyed all of the designs and especially the elephant that stands up. The colors are super bright and keep their color even when they are fused.

The beads are perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination. The pack comes with a little pair of plastic tweezers that are perfect for little hands. Sometimes picking the beads up just with your fingers can be a little difficult. Our pack came with three clear plastic trays the fact they are clear is perfect to put designs underneath to make it easier to create them. Our pack also came with two little plastic water spray bottles. We created every design in our pack and still had a ton of beads left! You could make a lot of designs with the number of beads in this kit!

You don't have to get the mega pack. Over on the Zirrly website, you can see the different choices. Some of them are 3D (animals and cars!)

Captain and his friend had a great time one really cold day a few weeks ago. It was a fun and quiet activity. It's amazing how we forget about simple crafts and how much fun can be had. It's a great way to increase concentration and get a little quiet time! The boys were so quiet while they were working!

Check out the vendor on FacebookPinterestInstagram, and YouTube. These beads would be an excellent addition to your summer rainy day craft supplies!

Some of the other designs are-

Super Beads Jewelry Set

Super Beads Jewelry Set
Super Beads Spinning Tops
Super Beads Spinning tops
Awesome looking Super Beads 3D Car and Truck
Super Beads 3D Car and Truck
If you click on the link below and check out the other reviews, you will be able to see lots of the designs available. I would love to know which ones are your favorite!
Super Beads {Zirrly Reviews}
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