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Hake Publishing - Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 {TOS REVIEW}

Hake Publishing
I never thought I would actually say this about a grammar program BUT Captain has really enjoyed using Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing. I have never done any formal grammar with Captain and so although he works higher than his grade level for all other subjects I thought I'd give grade 3 grammar a try.

We received the Grammar and Writing 3: Complete Homeschool Kit which consists of -

Grammar and Writing 3 Writing Notebook
Grammar and Writing 3 Teacher Guide (Answer keys and tests)
Grammar and Writing 3 Consumable Textbook

I was a little skeptical of how a grammar workbook would be received by Captain. However, I didn't need to worry. Before we used the program I was up against a little bit of resistance. Our school year was winding down and Captain was adamant he didn't want to try anything new. I insisted that we needed to give this a go and he agreed.

We sat down and I opened the Teacher Guide. I was hoping it was set out a little like Saxon Math and I wasn't disappointed. I really had no preparation, except for encouraging Captain to come and sit with me and bring his pen.

So he opened his consumable textbook and I opened the teacher guide and we were away. There are some very hand notes to the teacher at the beginning of the book. It is written to be used in a classroom but very easy to adapt for homeschool use. On the second page of the teacher guide, there is a great teaching schedule. If you followed it exactly you would cover the whole course in 146 days. The lessons are short and manageable and some could be tempted to do more than one. I decided against this, but we did decide to continue to work on this over the summer. The schedule is roughly a test and writing lesson every five grammar lessons. The exception to this rule is that there is not test or writing lesson until day 11.

Each lesson is started with a grammar meeting. This is when the student gets to put into practice what they have been learning and practice answering in complete sentences.

My older kids had about three years of Latin. Which Captain hasn't done yet. I really liked that included in the teacher guide was a section that includes vocabulary and what the root of the word means and where it is from. For example in lesson 1 it introduces the Latin root anim- means breath.

There are 111 lessons in the student consumable book. They range in topic from THE SENTENCE: TWO PARTS to SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT, and even INTERJECTIONS. The worksheets are well balanced and not too long. Captain has even read ahead and completed a lesson on his own. All of the information to understand the teaching point are included. There are multiple examples and solutions in each lesson followed by practice exercises and even review sets for more practice.

The tests are in the teacher notebook and can be reproduced if needed. Since Captain is the only one using our set I have just been giving him the test to complete. The small writing workbook only

Captain really loves this program. I mean really... he enjoys doing it! I asked him if he wanted to keep working on it throughout the summer and he said sure. True to his word it's something he gets out every morning. He works through a lesson and brings it to me to grade. He hates waiting for me though and unless he's confused about a grammar point often pushes on ahead without me!

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