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Memoria Press - New American Cursive - Penmanship Famous Americans {TOS REVIEW}

Memoria Press
We have been excited to work on New American Cursive - Penmanship Program from Memoria Press. We were sent New American Cursive 2 With Quotations from Famous Americans.

New American Cursive 2 (Scripture)

We have used the first workbook in the past and I was excited to see how they added cursive practice with the American quotes. I love quotes from famous people, especially Americans and so this intrigued me.

This is a second level book. Captain had already completed book one last year. The first few pages of the book cover contents and then the program reviews information from the previous book. It covers The Three P's of Penmanship Posture, Pencil, and Paper Position to make sure that you and the student remember how important this is to successful handwriting technique.

The next section reviews the alphabet and numbers that were taught in the previous book. The child traces and then writes his own letters and numbers.

I love how they letter connections are described 'smile', 'grin', and 'jump'. You would have to check out the book to see the details but basically, all cursive grammar letters are connected in one of these ways.

By page 30 the student is writing full words, focusing on their letter form and neatness. The child is encouraged to circle their best work and what needs improvement. This is very handy when a child wants to be independent. I have found that the child that looks for his own mistakes is a lot more self-motivation to improve.

One thing that Captain really needs to work on is the size of his letters. Page 47 of the book focuses on using correct sizing for upper, middle, and lower letters (something Captain struggles with). It's realized that actually taking time to work on these little things make a huge difference.

Captain has been reading about Benjamin Franklin and was really pleased to find one of his quotes in the book.

Honesty is the best policy - Benjamin Franklin

He also liked -

Never spend your money before you have earned it - Thomas Jefferson.

I like that this writing program has some great quotes mixed in for writing practice. It's so much better than just writing nonsense sentences that mean nothing. They are learning as well as practicing their writing skills.

One page 124 of the book there is a section to help the child with reading cursive. This is something that Captain didn't think was necessary because all of the books he wanted to read were in print. One day his Nana gave him a special handwritten book. Nana writes in cursive. All of sudden Captain realized that reading cursive was important and something he wanted to be able to do well. This gave a much-needed boost to work on his cursive and he found as he got better writing it, he was also able to read it easier. Last week he was sat down reading his book handwritten by his Nana he was very proud and excited to be able to read this book all by himself.

I know some people think that being able to write cursive is no longer necessary. However, I am glad that good programs like this exist to help us keep the tradition alive.

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